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La Roche: Memorial dedicated to the Scottish 51st Highland Division. Roll of Honour to the memory of the 54 soldiers of the 51st Highland Division who lost their lives for liberty during the offensive of La Roche in January 1945.

Tank Destroyer “Achilles” Mk 10, inaugurated on 11 January 2000. Dedicated to the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry Regiment, which took part in the liberation of La Roche on 11 January 1945. Modified version of the US Tank Destroyer M10 having replaced the canon by a British 17 pounder canon (76.2mm). Weight 26 Tons – Crew of 5 men.

Plaque depicting the junction between the Scottish 51st Highland Division and the 84th US Infantry Division, on 11 January 1945.

The “Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes”


Hotton: 20Km: British and Commonwealth Military Cemetery. This cemetery commemorates the courage of the soldiers of the British XXXth Corps who died during the Battle of the Ardennes (665 tombs)

Sherman “Firefly” turret: This memorial is dedicated to the gallant soldiers of the 53rd Welsh Infantry Division and to their supporting armoured regiments who fought for our liberty in January 1945.


Beffe: 10 km: Sherman Tank. One of the Task Force Hogan tanks from the 3rd US Armoured Division. This Task Force, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Hogan, was surrounded in Marcouray on 22 December 1944. It will manage to exfiltrate the German lines on foot during the night of 25-26 December and rejoin the American lines in Werpin.


Grandmenil: 15 km: Type G Panther tank: of the 2nd SS Division “Das Reich”, destroyed during the fierce battles of 24 to 27 December1944 oposing them to the US 75th Infantry Division.

Weight: 45 tons; armament: 75 mm canon; crew of five men.


Baraque de Fraiture: 15 km: Parker’s Crossroad Memorial: dedicated to the men of the 106th Infantry Division who held up the advance of the 2nd SS Panzer Division from 20 to 23 December 1944 under the command of Major Arthur C. Parker:

US 105mm Howitzer.


Bande: Memorial to the memory of 34 Belgians assassinated by the German SS on 25 December 1944 in reprisal of the attacks by the Resistance during the German retreat of September 1944.


Marche: 20km: Plaque in memory of Lieutenant-General Alexander R. Bolling commander of the US 84th Infantry Division who stopped the penetration of the 2nd Panzer Division on 22 December 1944.


Verdenne: Memorial stone dedicated to the 2000 casualties of the 84th Infantry Division and of the 116th Panzer Division who lost their lives between 23 and 26 December 1944 in what became known as the “Pocket of Verdenne”.


Bure: 30 km: Memorial Roll of Honour commemorating the men of the British 13th Lancashire Battalion – Parachute Regiment who lost their lives in this village.


Wibrin: 30 km: Sherman tank.


Houffalize: 30 km: Panther tank of the 116th Panzer Division. Weight: 45 tons. Armament: 75mm canon. Crew of five men.

Memorial commemoration the junction of the 1st and 3rd US Armies on 16 January 1945.


La Gleize: 45 Km: Tiger II tank “Königstiger” known as the Royal Tiger. It was one of the Kampfgruppe Peiper tanks (1st Division SS).

This Task Force was encircled on 21 December 1944 by the US 82nd Airborne Division and 3rd Armoured Division. Weight: 69 tons. Armament: 88mm canon. Crew: 5 men.

Musée Décembre 1944.


Neuville-en-Condroz: 50 Km: American Cemetery. This memorial commemorates the US soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Ardennes (5.325 tombs)


Bastogne: 30 Km: Bust of Brigadier-General Anthony C. Mac Auliffe who pronounced the famous “Nuts” when asked to surrender on 22 December 1944, albeit the fact that his troops were surrounded.

Monument in memory of General Patton, commander of the 4th US Armoured Division who broke the siege of Bastogne on 26 December 1944.

Mardasson Memorial erected in memory of the American soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Ardennes.

Final Milestone of the Road to Liberty: 1145 milestones are spread out all along the itinerary of the 3rd US Army from the beaches of Normandy to Bastogne.

Sherman tank turrets guard all the access roads to Bastogne symbolising a besieged town.

Sherman tank and Bastogne Historical Centre.


Recogne: 30 Km: German Military Cemetery. This memorial commemorates the memory of the German soldiers who fell during the Battle of the Ardennes. (6.807 tombs)



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